Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Joys of Summer

Hello friends,
I'm sorry it has been so very long since I've posted!  I guess I can give the age old excuse that we've been busy, and of course summer always calls me away from the computer!  But now, I've finally found time to post!!  And it does feel good to be back!
In the end of July we went camping at the Boudary Waters.  It was a short, two night trip, but it was very relaxing too.  The one thing that made it a bit scary was that we brought Elsa along - and before our trip she hadn't been doing to well on riding the canoe...
But, praise the Lord, she stayed in!!!  The rest of our trip was very nice - our campsite was pretty good, the weather was great, and we enjoyed seeing the loons and beavers.
Then, in early August our dear friends came to visit!!!!  It was so amazing to meet them for the first time!!  We met over blogging here, and then when they came to visit family, they were very kind to visit us too!!  It was such a wonderful time with friends!  We now hope to go visit them in October!
We had to give them a taste of the farm with gardening and horse back riding!

Of course, Alison and I had to play together!
And on the last day we went to the History Center together.  It was bitter sweet with the fun at the museum but then we had to part.
Their stay felt like an amazing dream, and it all went by so quickly!!  I am so thankful we were able to do this!!
Thank you for reading!
Blessings, Amber

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Old-time School

One week in June every year is filled with history, games, and fun with friends at old-time school!  We go to an old school and reenact what it would be like in the early 1900's (this year it was 1910).  Here's what an average day is like...
At 9:00am the teacher greets us and then we all head out to the flag pole to pledge to the flag. 
Then we line up in front of the school and as we go back inside we tell Miss Kay a chore we did that day (see video).
After we get inside we first off write down the saying of the day and the date in our copy books.  After that we have show & tell.  Showing anything old that would pertain to that time or a pet.  Then we hit the books.  We start out by doing history all together, this week's theme was Lewis and Clark.  Then we split up in groups for reading- I loved leading the 1st and 2nd graders!   We also have a "mystery mammal"  (the other theme of the week - mammals), from a few facts we try to figure out what animal it is.
About mid-morning it's time for arithmetic, spelling or penmanship.
Then it's recess, with the all-favorite game "Annie, Annie, Over" among" Red Rover" and "Foxes and Trees".
Next we come inside and do some more school - I'm afraid that my brains fail me as to what we usually do though.
Then we wash our hands - with good pump water and lye soap - and have "quiet time" - or when we can pray.  Then when the teacher says "enjoy your lunches" everyone rushes out to find the best eating spot.  The most popular girl's eating spot is sitting lined up facing the road and wave to the cars that pass by.  We get a menagerie of responses - mostly waves, some honks, a few times you can just see people laughing in their cars, and a few time people just ignore you. :D  For your lunch you can't bring any junk food.  My normal meal consisted of a ham sandwich, fruit (dehydrated apples were the favorites), a carrot, and gingerbread.
Then we have singing time, journaling time, and craft time.  And then at 1:00pm it's time to leave.
Now this would be a normal day, but there aren't to many normal days.  Thursday is cabin day, we go into a little cabin on the school sight and make coffee, butter, and pancakes on the wood-burning stove.  And Friday is a special day where the parents come and we have races (three legged, sack race, ect.), a program, and picnic. 
The ages for old-time school is finishing first grade to kids finishing eighth grade.  So I have been to old, but the last couple of years I have been soooo blessed to be a TA (teacher's assistant).  And I also hope to be a teacher there when I'm 18 - I love reenactment!
So that explains a little of what we were doing last week, now some pictures to show what we were doing!
There is suppose to be a video here, but I guess I don't know how to add videos.  I'll put it on as soon as I can (Mom is at the store and so is not able to show me).
Thank you very much for reading!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Photo Gallery

This is going to be quite a show of photos!  I am so behind in posting pictures!  So here we go...
Every year Anna and I go to old-time school and reenact what it would be like to do school in 1904.  But we can't just do that, so we many a times play old-time school at home - under the deck. :)
Anna and I love playing around in our Civil War skirts...
...even croquet.
Anna has to bounce - even when we're having a bonfire!
And Anna had a end of school party - complete with good food, the sprinkler on the trampoline and a water balloon fight!
And Elsa continues to cause trouble. :)  Although she is much better.

We are stilling volunteering at the nursing home(I help in therapy or activities, Anna works in the salon, and Mom runs the gift shop).  Here Anna and I are enjoying rootbeer floats made at the gift shop.
And Annie and I still work as a team.  Here we are working on "tucks".  Having her collected with her head "tucked".
 Thank you very much for reading!!  I love any comments from friends!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Books I Like - Waiting For Her Isaac

I just read a wonderful book called "Waiting For Her Isaac" by Mr. and Mrs. Stephen B. Castleberry. 
"Sixteen year-old Beth grant is quite happy with her life and has no desire for any changes.  But God has many lessons in store before she is ready for courship.  The story of Beth's spiritual journey toward godly womanhood is told along with the story of her courtship."
"Waiting For Her Isaac" encouraged me very much!!  It talked about trusting in God through all circumstances, honoring your father, and protrayed courtship in a very good light.  It didn't seem weird that their parents were totally part of it, or that they didn't talk about silly little things, but about what would happen if they did marry.  I was also encouraged to save even my thoughts - that I don't think about any boy I notice!
I would defiently suggest this for any girl highschool age and up!  You can buy it at  They have also written two other books about courtship - I hope to read them soon!!  But if you're not in that age group or are a boy, there is also...

Jeff McLean: His Courtship
(about courtship for boys)
The Farm Mystery Series
(for younger kids or read-aloud-to-the-family.  There's no murders!)

They have also wrote "Call Her Blessed", for mothers.  "The Delivery", for fathers.  "The Orchard Lane Series", for ages 5-10.  "Our Homestead story: The First Years", about the Castleberrys. 
Thank you for reading!! 
Blessings, Amber

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

How was your Mother's Day?  Our's was very fun, even for us kids!  We planned a special tea for Mom of:
Tea (of course)
Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Blueberrie Muffins
Pasta Salad
Raspberries & Watermelon
Carrots & dip
Rice krispie bars

Anna and I had loads of fun planning, and I think we came away with ideas that it would be fun to have our own tea room or bed & breakfast! :D
And then that evening we went out to Perkins for dinner and also got ice cream at DQ.
Then today we went to a tea room and store.  The food is really great at the tea room (more like a cafe), like I had said to Mom - "I wonder if there is anything here that isn't good".  And the shop is so fantastic!  It is just full of fun, old - fashioned things, we always come out of there feeling girly, with creative thoughts running through our brains, ...and wanting a thounds dollar shopping spree!! :D

Hope you have a wonderful, girly, vintage, one thousand dollar shopping spree sort of day!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday, April 29, 2010

MACHE 2010

MACHE stands for Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators, and each year they have a conference with lots of speakers and books for sale!!  And this year was extra fun...
It was actually Anna and my first time going to MACHE and we worked at the keynote speaker's booth -Sermon on the Mount.  He takes horses and uses them to talk about Christian character traits and such.  Well, at the booth we sold his books & DVDs, filling out the forms and informing people about his things, fetching things from the back and restocking them.  The first day was busy, but we did have lull times to shop around or get caught up at the booth.  But the next day was like a rush that never ended!!  We were sooo busy, I think that has been the most sales they ever had!  It was a crazy couple of days, we got to go in the "authorized only" section :), the Mallys were there, and Mom got to wait on Mr. Mally. 
And Sermon on the Mount was soo nice, they let us take home some things for free, and then I guess we didn't take enough because just a couple days ago we received a box in the mail with even more things!!  That was very nice!!
Anna and I at the booth.
We didn't have much time to spare, but I did get to meet one of my favorite authors - Lois Walfrid Johnson!!
Thank you for reading!
God Bless, Amber
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