Monday, June 3, 2013

40's Luncheon - Farewell Bible study

Last Thursday we "celebrated" our final meeting of the girl's Bible study my sister and I have been attending.  Was it a flash back to another era or the end of an era?  Probably a little bit of both... 
Anna (my sister) is second for right and I am third.
For the past two to three years we have been attending this Bible study, making such dear friendships and sweet memories!  Amidst the tea parties, learning to crochet, dressing up, stories, volleyball, quilting, laughter, and crafts, I have appreciated the God honoring studies of the Bible shared together!  Although there will still be opportunities to see each of these girls, this special group will be missed!
It was time to move on,  but first to make a few final memories!  The theme was 40's, a fun era to choose!  We dressed up as best as we could (which I think we did quite well at), listened to old records, played Clue, had burgers and fries, shared prayer requests, and made sure to take lots of pictures!
Last Scripture passage shared. 
At the end we went to an old fashioned ice cream parlor where our leader shared her engagement story over delicious ice cream!  We will truly miss her when she moves away!
The whole day was so much fun, along with a twinge of sadness to see a good thing end.  I praise the Lord for the time He gave us together and that this party was not a real good bye!
Blessings, Amber
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