Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Personal Ice Rink Too

With the weather reaching almost 50 on Sunday - turning much of the snow to water, and then it freezing the next day, we had our own personal skating rink yesterday!

We were able to skate from the barn, past the house, and all the way down the drive way if wanted.  But we didn't do that to often - because of the steep grade of our drive way, we went way to fast for it to be called safe and had to bale out into a snow pile before reaching the slush at the bottom of the hill! :)

We spent more than a hour out there and enjoyed it immensly!  I have to admit that Minnesota is pretty great - even if I love summer best!  But today it's back in the 40's and all that's left are big puddles.

Blessings on your winter!

~Amber Nicole

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meeting Face to Face

Today we met someone face to face after being blogging friends for a while (this is our second time meeting a blogging friend)!  My Mom's friend - sixfolks - were here in Minnesota with her family and we got to spend the day with them!!

First off we enjoyed talking over lunch - it's always nice to be with other like minded families!  Then we went  to the Mill City Museum (it's a museum in a old flour mill - if you couldn't guess that).  It was a very enjoyable time!

Here we are looking down from the tower over...

Thank you for spending time with us!  It was great to meet you and your family!

Amber Nicole
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