Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cozied Up with Fabric

For sometime now it has been a great interest of mine to be selling my own crafts (specially at Etsy.com and craft fairs).  At first I was rather hesitant and slow to begin the actual process, feeling rather unqualified to make sewing in to a business, but now it has been such fun to spend a good part of the day sewing!  Also, if anyone has any suggestions on where to find good crochet yarn and vintage/vintage style fabric, please share! 

My first completed project are these cotton fabric napkins in an adorable owl pattern - to fun!

Now that fall is here I have also enjoyed doing some of the fall-type things: romps in the leaves, apple cider, buttoning up the garden, and a party in a friend's barn loft!  I also learned that when you're pulling out the sweaters for yourself, you can't forget you're mug...
Cozy Mug Sweater, Choose your color
Isn't this to sweet!?  Coffee needs a hug sometimes too!  You can buy these dear little things at Mug Sweater Shop.

Have a blessed Autum!

~Amber Nicole~
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