Friday, April 26, 2013

Opening Lemons & Zesting Cans

  Last Friday evening you would have found me busy in the kitchen cooking dinner - chicken & rice and baked broccoli, which is delicious by the way! It makes boring broccoli into delicious broccoli, check out the recipe. Anyways, it's not that unusual to find me in the kitchen Friday nights, I usually try to cook dinner once a week.

  Cooking is really fun for me, I like to try out lots of new recipes - don't want it to get boring! :) And all was going well.. chicken was finishing up in the oven and it was time to put the goodies on the broccoli (lemon zest & juice and Parmesan cheese). So, quick grab the lemon, quick grab the little zester mechanism, and zest.. no zest.. try again... still nothing...

  I must have been distracted.. I am ashamed to say that I tried quite a few times, even going back to the fridge for a firmer lemon, before realizing I was trying to zest a lemon with the little can opener that makes holes in the top of cans! *forehead smack* I couldn't help but laugh at myself!


They kind of look alike, right? :)

Well, I do look forward to experimenting in the kitchen again, but maybe next time I won't be so distracted! :)
~Amber Nicole

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Leading Bright Lights

"My question is, would you be interested in praying about whether the Lord might want you to become part of the leadership of the Bright Lights group?"
This was asked by a friend of our's about two months ago, February 10th.  She was in a courtship relationship, thinking about the future of her Bright Lights Bible study, and wondering if I would be willing to slowly take it over!  This came as a total surprise to me!  First off, I really hadn't had much opportunity to talk to this friend, thus I didn't know her that well, so how was she suppose to think that I might be a good person to take over her Bible Study?!
And before this I hadn't been thinking about starting my own Bible study, or doing any such thing.  I'm more of a reserved person and not the greatest fan of talking, sometimes I think I would like to say "Lord, use my hands, use my feet, but don't take my mouth, I don't like to talk!"  But the Lord does like to use our weaknesses and make them our strengths, so I accepted!
And the timing of this was also perfect, as five days earlier I had learned that the girl's Bible study I was in was going to end after this spring.  I will really miss this group of girls!  It has been so special and we have made such good friends!  But it is amazing to see God lead in new directions!
So March 7 found Anna and I going to our first Bright Lights meeting!  Of course going into the unknown was a little scary, but it helped to already know a good number of the girls there.  And as Anna and I continue to go, I have been so blessed by all the girls there!  We have already made special and lasting friendships and every girl has been very welcoming from the beginning!
I have also enjoyed the singing of hymns around the piano, the encouraging lessons, and the Christ focus and the Spiritual challenges continuing through activities!
Then on April 4th I lead my first study!  The whole thing from preparing to presentation was truly led by the Lord - it went so well!  Joyfulness was scheduled to be, so that is what I spoke on.  But first we sang:

Rejoice Ye Pure In Heart
Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
As The Deer
He Giveth More Grace
Rejoice In The Lord Always (round)

Considering I had never really taught a whole lesson for so many people, it went very smooth, because all glory to God, He had brought everything to me, took away most of my nerves, and really was led by Him!

After that we really enjoyed doing some Sword Drills - the girls racing to look up more verses about joyfulness, then finished up with a little hand clapping game (learning each other's names better) before having our snack and socializing time.

I look forward to seeing what comes as time goes by!  It has been really exciting to see what the Lord brings - and sometimes so quickly too!

Have a blessed Sunday!
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