Friday, March 25, 2011

My 17th Birthday


   I cannot believe I turned 17 earlier this week!!  Maybe it's because I sure don't act like a seventeen year old! :)  But my day was very blessed, special, and fun!!  We planned to go to a waterpark, but it was almost cancelled because of the sleet - we've been having crazy weather lately!  But Daddy braved the slippery roads anyways, and we made it safe and sound!
Our day at the waterpark was so enjoyable!!  And it wasn't as busy as we feared, because of spring break!  My favorite parts were the wave pool and family raft ride - the scariest slide, of course! :)  I also tried the surfing simulator (but I didn't stand on the board!  I just layedon my stomach).  And I made a flop of it almost as bad as I feared!! :D  As soon as I was down on the wave, my board turned sideways and I was off before I could enjoy the ride!  I didn't try again, but it wasn't so bad that I wouldn't do it next time.
Going down smoothly....

      ....and being pushed back up not so smoothly.

After being drenched and shriveled to a little prune we went to Pizza Hut with my Grandma, Aunt, and cousin.  Then we went to my house for "cake" - Buster Bars from DQ. :D 


I also received some really special gifts: money - probably will be spent on books or at Ladies Emporium. :D  A scarf (which I am wearing as I type this) and some pretty scrapbooking paper, a fun book on the history of aprons, a recipe book, and two aprons - the one on the right my Grandma remembers my great-grandma working on!!  Quite a keep sake!!

Thank you for reading!  And thank you for all the wonderful 'Happy Birthdays'!!

~ Amber

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old Things, New Finds

Hello Faithful Friends,

A while ago (but I will not say how long ago, so I don't want to reveal how behind I am in posting), we went to the an old mansion to tour.  As me being so very much into those things, I really loved it!  It truly was a mansion with 40 rooms - even an art gallery!  It would have been nice to see the house full of furniture and maybe even people dressed and acting like they lived and worked there!  But I can see why they wanted to use furniture that was original to the house.  It was still very educational and fun!  Sadly, flash photography was prohibited, but a couple pictures turned out.

I also found this neat website:  They sell late 1800's fashions newly made, and anything you want - from corsets and swimsuits, to dresses and boots.  Take a look at the swimsuits, I actually think they are cute and wouldn't mind wearing one!  Does anyone have any other good places to buy old-fashioned clothes?  Ebay is also a good place to look.

Thank you for reading!  Until next time,
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