Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Craft Room Re-do

My creativity needs all the help it can get, and my sewing place was not helping.  Our sewing machine was down in the basement that was dark, lonely and cold - not inspirational.  So when that same sewing machine was moved upstairs to our classroom where everyone congregates, it was a welcome change.  And not only that, but the whole classroom also got a makeover.
BEOFRE: the room totally dedicated to school, which was good when both Anna and I were in school.

NOW: it is bright and cheery with space for work and craft.  I know, I am not actually showing the sewing machine (you can see a bit of it in the lower right corner), but it makes for a rather uninteresting picture.  But the space is great.  The only thing I'll miss about sewing in the basement?  The chickens watching me through the window.  They would just stand there interested until I was done - they were sweet company!

All I did for this fun, new, piece was print out the image from Pinterest and then place it in the frame!

Thank you for reading!  Happy crafting!
Amber Nicole
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