Saturday, May 25, 2013

Spring Time Preparations

I wanted to make a skirt, not to difficult, I had made one before, and I got inspired by this pattern - I wanted a full skirt.  So I found this lovely blue fabric (linen I think), but quickly realized how much six yards of fabric really is...
At the cutting counter:
Employee rolling out yard after yard of fabric:  "What are you making?"
Me: "A skirt"
Employee: *silence*
Most projects take longer than expected, and this is where my work slowed down, while trying to figure out if I should really try this pattern or not!  Am I really suppose to be able to wear six yards of fabric!? ;-)
I actually ended up using a pattern we already had - Simplicity pattern 2843.  I used the pieces for the petticoat, shortened it, and added an elastic waist band.  And I am quite pleased with how it turned out, with only half the amount of fabric I think it is just as full looking as the other pattern!
So along with preparing my wardrobe for spring, we have also started planting the garden.  Thus far we have only planted about half, as the weather continues to swing back and forth from hot to cold.  But when possible it has felt very good to work under the warm sunshine, sweet smelling flowers, and fresh breezes again! 

"Now the heart is so full that a drop overfills it,
We are happy now because God wills it:
No matter how barren the past may have been,
Tis enough for us now that the leaves are green:...
We may shut our eyes, but we cannot help knowing
That the skies are clear and grass is growing:..."
Excerpts from "June"
by James Russell Lowell

~Amber Swanson~

Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: Joyfully At Home & It's Not That Complicated

A few weeks back I finished two amazing books:
Joyfully at Home
by Jasmine Baucham
Through witty writing and wonderful personal stories Jasmine shares great truths and thoughts while staying very real.  Along with covering family relations, how she has answered all the what if and why questions, and filling our days, Jasmine talks about the "six key areas that keep us from finding the value in our single years:
A false view of marriage
A fasle view of husbands
A false view of self
A false view of singleness
A false view of God's sovereignty
A false view of the bigger picture"

"Jasmine paints a beautiful picture of how young ladies can become good daughters to their fathers and mothers, good sisters to their siblings, and gain vibrant confidence, godly contentment, and purposeful joy in their ministry in and from the home."

It has been about one year since I graduated from homeschool highschool, and it can be hard at times to know exactly what I should be doing.  But it has also been such a wonderful year at home, and Joyfully At Home is a very encouraging book in that area!  I have never yet regretted that I didn't go away to college!


It's (Not That) Complicated
by Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin
Can you relate to guys in a pure way?  Or is a "it's complicated" Facebook relationship status going to be the way it is?  Anna Sofia & Elizabeth share their thoughts on a Biblical way to relate to guys.
Through reading their other book So Much More (which is truly another great book) I found it easy to think of them as not so real/down to earth as they seemed to be instructing only and sharing none of their own experiences, which Jasmine does so well.  But in It's (Not That) Complicated we do get more stories from their own life included with so many great truths to take away from every paragraph.  There is also comments from 14 guys to get their perspective.
From my reserved and quiet spirit and knowing that you do have to be careful in relationships with guys, it can be easy to choose the shunning relationship, but this book shares that you can talk to them - for the right reasons!
Read more praise for It's (Not That) Complicated on Anna Sofia and Elizabeth's blog.
Blessings, Amber

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Crocheted Rosebud

The plants outside are just beginning to bud, but I have begun my own little garden indoors.
I found these two delightful little patterns for crocheted rosebuds and leaves.  Both are very easy, the leaf only took about half an hour - instant gratification with charming results!
What to do with them now?  Well, right now they will just sit pretty in my room.  But I would someday like to make a whole crochet flower garden and then attach them to a pillow to brighten up any space!

I am also excited over a new magazine we have found..

Mollie Makes is a magazine, based in the UK, full of craft tutorials, lovely and inspiring pictures, and each issue even comes with a free gift!

I first found the magazine at Barnes & Noble bookstore, and it was nice to first look through the magazine before buying.  But if you find yourself buying every single issue, it would be cheaper to subcribe even if the $93.52 price tag seems rather steep right off the bat.

You can also find back issues on Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon, which is really nice!

Take a peek inside one.

I hope you will find time to take out your craft bag this weekend!  Enjoy!

~Amber Nicole~

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