Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Day in Pictures

A bit ago Amy did a review of her day by taking a picture every hour, so I thought I would try it too.  But I am afraid I chose a pretty boring day!

My day in January 23rd, 2012:

6:30am: *yawn*  Good morning!

7:30am: after my morning Bible reading and barn chores it was time for breakfast, which included this delicious grapefruit!

8:30 am: laundry days are Dorcas' favorite days!  As soon as I have all the clothes sorted she is in her basket!  Okay, time to hit the school books...

9:30am: Finds us busy working on verses for Bible quizzing.

10:30am: I am in need of some hot chocolate to keep me warm as we go into history!

If you came at 11:30am you would have found me just finishing up violin practice.

12:30pm: After lunch I am back to school and busy with Economics (with some crackers left over from lunch).

1:30pm  Home Economics - last subject of the day!

2:30pm: we were outside enjoying the beautiful snow and exercising Elsa.

3:30pm: Enjoying some computer time just like I am right now.

4:30pm: A little Wii playing.
5:30am: after dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, and barn chores I am back to working on Bible Quizzing verses (sorry to be redundant).

6:30pm: I know capture the flag isn't a very good two person game, but when you have only two, you make do!  Anna and I played it in the dark of the basement for a little extra fun. ;-)

7:30pm: I felt so much like knitting, although, I had no pattern that I wanted to do or was prepared to do, so I just had fun trying a new stitch.  I will probably be ripping it out later to keep the yarn.
Another snapshot of Dorcas at 8:30pm.  She sleeps now, and then is all crazy while we are trying to sleep!

9:30pm: I ALWAYS read at night.  Right now I am inhaling (again) the Mildred Keith books.

Thank you for joining me for my day.  Sorry it was one of such little excitement!  I am pondering how nearly all of my posts are of no real importance - it's just about me and what I have been doing.  It's just that I am so horrible at typing out things I have in my head!

Have a blessed day!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Finally, Itching to Be Stitching

Lately I have been trying some new sewing projects, and surprisingly it has gone very smooth without many bumps in the road.  So I wanted to share them along with the books and places that help make it turn out the way it did!

For my Mom's Christmas gift Anna and I took out our needles.  The two potholders my sister made was quickly and beautifully whipped up while Mom was away.  On my dish towel thankfully the pleats turned out to be easier to make (I just looked up on the internet on how to make them) and the polka-dots helped keep them even.

Another project I just finished a couple of days ago was my first apron.  You can tell it was made specially for me, the left handed girl of the family, with the pocket being on the left side. :)  The fabric is a beautiful rabbit pattern.

The pattern for this apron came from a little book well named, The Apron Book.  It is mostly filled with the history of the apron with beautiful pictures, but it also has some patterns intermingled among the stories.  And I was so VERY pleased the the instructions - concise and easy to understand, and I need that!

A book that I am reading right now is The Handmade Marketplace.  This wonderful little book tells "How To Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and Online.  My dream is to someday have my own home business and sell something crafty I've made.  It's not really a book to help me decide what to sell, but it has a lot of great thoughts for after and is very inspiring!  It also has tidbits from other crafters and even from the vice president of Community at Etsy. 

Now to hit some of the other projects waiting for me... maybe the Edwardian Apron that has been sitting in the basement for who knows how long, or unto the next apron book with bigger and better things!

Oh, and here's a couple of other sewing books on my wish list.

Take time to be crafty during these long winter months!

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