Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Our Joys of Summer

Hello friends,
I'm sorry it has been so very long since I've posted!  I guess I can give the age old excuse that we've been busy, and of course summer always calls me away from the computer!  But now, I've finally found time to post!!  And it does feel good to be back!
In the end of July we went camping at the Boudary Waters.  It was a short, two night trip, but it was very relaxing too.  The one thing that made it a bit scary was that we brought Elsa along - and before our trip she hadn't been doing to well on riding the canoe...
But, praise the Lord, she stayed in!!!  The rest of our trip was very nice - our campsite was pretty good, the weather was great, and we enjoyed seeing the loons and beavers.
Then, in early August our dear friends came to visit!!!!  It was so amazing to meet them for the first time!!  We met over blogging here, and then when they came to visit family, they were very kind to visit us too!!  It was such a wonderful time with friends!  We now hope to go visit them in October!
We had to give them a taste of the farm with gardening and horse back riding!

Of course, Alison and I had to play together!
And on the last day we went to the History Center together.  It was bitter sweet with the fun at the museum but then we had to part.
Their stay felt like an amazing dream, and it all went by so quickly!!  I am so thankful we were able to do this!!
Thank you for reading!
Blessings, Amber

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