Saturday, May 4, 2013

Crocheted Rosebud

The plants outside are just beginning to bud, but I have begun my own little garden indoors.
I found these two delightful little patterns for crocheted rosebuds and leaves.  Both are very easy, the leaf only took about half an hour - instant gratification with charming results!
What to do with them now?  Well, right now they will just sit pretty in my room.  But I would someday like to make a whole crochet flower garden and then attach them to a pillow to brighten up any space!

I am also excited over a new magazine we have found..

Mollie Makes is a magazine, based in the UK, full of craft tutorials, lovely and inspiring pictures, and each issue even comes with a free gift!

I first found the magazine at Barnes & Noble bookstore, and it was nice to first look through the magazine before buying.  But if you find yourself buying every single issue, it would be cheaper to subcribe even if the $93.52 price tag seems rather steep right off the bat.

You can also find back issues on Etsy, Ebay, and Amazon, which is really nice!

Take a peek inside one.

I hope you will find time to take out your craft bag this weekend!  Enjoy!

~Amber Nicole~


Amy Johnson said...

Wow, your stitches are all so perfect! Lovely work. I bet you could attach that to a hair clip! I'll have to check out that magazine -- looks cool!

Kelly said...

How lovely, Amber! I unfortunately cannot crochet, but I hope that some time I'll get the chance to learn! I was so inspired by this post - I have so much crafting that needs to be done and now I feel quite excited about it:) Many blessings, Kelly-Anne

PlainJane said...

Wonderful post! Even as pretty as the picture is of your work, the real thing is even prettier. I am so thankful for your talents and gifts -- I know they are God-given, as they didn't come from me. :) Wonderful work & inspiration! Love You! ♥

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