Friday, April 26, 2013

Opening Lemons & Zesting Cans

  Last Friday evening you would have found me busy in the kitchen cooking dinner - chicken & rice and baked broccoli, which is delicious by the way! It makes boring broccoli into delicious broccoli, check out the recipe. Anyways, it's not that unusual to find me in the kitchen Friday nights, I usually try to cook dinner once a week.

  Cooking is really fun for me, I like to try out lots of new recipes - don't want it to get boring! :) And all was going well.. chicken was finishing up in the oven and it was time to put the goodies on the broccoli (lemon zest & juice and Parmesan cheese). So, quick grab the lemon, quick grab the little zester mechanism, and zest.. no zest.. try again... still nothing...

  I must have been distracted.. I am ashamed to say that I tried quite a few times, even going back to the fridge for a firmer lemon, before realizing I was trying to zest a lemon with the little can opener that makes holes in the top of cans! *forehead smack* I couldn't help but laugh at myself!


They kind of look alike, right? :)

Well, I do look forward to experimenting in the kitchen again, but maybe next time I won't be so distracted! :)
~Amber Nicole


PlainJane said...

Haha, I didn't know you did that!!! I hope I wasn't the one distracting you.

Don't let Amber fool you, everybody, she is really a wonderful cook and I love how she bravely tries new recipes. We have really adopted some real winners with Amber's cooking.

Keep up the good work Amber!!! Actually, come to think of it, you probably still could have zested the lemon with the pointy side of the can opener and a little elbow grease. :)

Ana R.W. said...

Haha! That's hilarious, Amber. :D Times like those in the kitchen make great memories!

And that recipe sounds amazing! I've always loved broccoli... I'll have to try this recipe out. :) Thanks for sharing!

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