Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: Joyfully At Home & It's Not That Complicated

A few weeks back I finished two amazing books:
Joyfully at Home
by Jasmine Baucham
Through witty writing and wonderful personal stories Jasmine shares great truths and thoughts while staying very real.  Along with covering family relations, how she has answered all the what if and why questions, and filling our days, Jasmine talks about the "six key areas that keep us from finding the value in our single years:
A false view of marriage
A fasle view of husbands
A false view of self
A false view of singleness
A false view of God's sovereignty
A false view of the bigger picture"

"Jasmine paints a beautiful picture of how young ladies can become good daughters to their fathers and mothers, good sisters to their siblings, and gain vibrant confidence, godly contentment, and purposeful joy in their ministry in and from the home."

It has been about one year since I graduated from homeschool highschool, and it can be hard at times to know exactly what I should be doing.  But it has also been such a wonderful year at home, and Joyfully At Home is a very encouraging book in that area!  I have never yet regretted that I didn't go away to college!


It's (Not That) Complicated
by Anna Sofia & Elizabeth Botkin
Can you relate to guys in a pure way?  Or is a "it's complicated" Facebook relationship status going to be the way it is?  Anna Sofia & Elizabeth share their thoughts on a Biblical way to relate to guys.
Through reading their other book So Much More (which is truly another great book) I found it easy to think of them as not so real/down to earth as they seemed to be instructing only and sharing none of their own experiences, which Jasmine does so well.  But in It's (Not That) Complicated we do get more stories from their own life included with so many great truths to take away from every paragraph.  There is also comments from 14 guys to get their perspective.
From my reserved and quiet spirit and knowing that you do have to be careful in relationships with guys, it can be easy to choose the shunning relationship, but this book shares that you can talk to them - for the right reasons!
Read more praise for It's (Not That) Complicated on Anna Sofia and Elizabeth's blog.
Blessings, Amber


PlainJane said...

Great reviews Amber. I wish these books had been around when I was your age -- I'm going to have to read them, soon.

And I'm so glad you chose not to go away to college too, I'd be totally lost without you. boohoo!

Love You Dear!

Ana R.W. said...

I love both of these books very much!

I was so impressed with how down-to-earth the Botkin girls were in their last book! :)

Thank you for your reviews, Amber! I find book reviews hard to write... but you did an amazing job! Clear and easy to read!

Have a great day!

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