Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Day in Pictures

A bit ago Amy did a review of her day by taking a picture every hour, so I thought I would try it too.  But I am afraid I chose a pretty boring day!

My day in January 23rd, 2012:

6:30am: *yawn*  Good morning!

7:30am: after my morning Bible reading and barn chores it was time for breakfast, which included this delicious grapefruit!

8:30 am: laundry days are Dorcas' favorite days!  As soon as I have all the clothes sorted she is in her basket!  Okay, time to hit the school books...

9:30am: Finds us busy working on verses for Bible quizzing.

10:30am: I am in need of some hot chocolate to keep me warm as we go into history!

If you came at 11:30am you would have found me just finishing up violin practice.

12:30pm: After lunch I am back to school and busy with Economics (with some crackers left over from lunch).

1:30pm  Home Economics - last subject of the day!

2:30pm: we were outside enjoying the beautiful snow and exercising Elsa.

3:30pm: Enjoying some computer time just like I am right now.

4:30pm: A little Wii playing.
5:30am: after dinner, cleaning up the kitchen, and barn chores I am back to working on Bible Quizzing verses (sorry to be redundant).

6:30pm: I know capture the flag isn't a very good two person game, but when you have only two, you make do!  Anna and I played it in the dark of the basement for a little extra fun. ;-)

7:30pm: I felt so much like knitting, although, I had no pattern that I wanted to do or was prepared to do, so I just had fun trying a new stitch.  I will probably be ripping it out later to keep the yarn.
Another snapshot of Dorcas at 8:30pm.  She sleeps now, and then is all crazy while we are trying to sleep!

9:30pm: I ALWAYS read at night.  Right now I am inhaling (again) the Mildred Keith books.

Thank you for joining me for my day.  Sorry it was one of such little excitement!  I am pondering how nearly all of my posts are of no real importance - it's just about me and what I have been doing.  It's just that I am so horrible at typing out things I have in my head!

Have a blessed day!



Natalie said...

Hi Amber!

I so enjoyed reading your post! It was really fun to see little snapshots of your day & it was not boring at all!

I understand - sometimes it's so hard to write out what we're thinking about - but I am always blessed by your sweet posts!


Amy said...

Hi Amber! I loved reading through this and seeing all the snapshots of your day! Thanks so much for doing it! We'll have to get together and play Capture the flag again so you don't have only 1 person per team. :-D
Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

PlainJane said...

That was a great post Amber and so well discribes your normal quiet days at's good not just posting about exciting out-and-about times as that isn't typically "us". I see Dorcas got a star role too ♥.

Love You Sweetie. You are such a joy and blessing and I really appreciate how disciplined you are to get what needs to get done...all on your own and display such wonderful character traits even when no one is looking.

May God Richly Bless You each and every day!

Anonymous said...

That is a better day you have! lol :)

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