Sunday, February 12, 2012

Party Planning

Over the past month or so, my thoughts have been a lot on a couple big events coming up - one of them being my 18th birthday at the end of March.  Usually we are allowed a birthday party every other year, and this year being my 18th and then two years from that would be my 20th, I felt this would sort of be my last "normal" birthday party.  Although, you never grow out of getting together with girl friends, so I am guessing that is what will be done come birthdays after this.

Now that maybe some of the invitees are reading this, I don't want to give to much away!  But here is the picture of inspiration for some of my decorations..

Strawberry boxes for favors

I am busy planning the decorations along with invites, food, games, and all those fun things!

Another HUGE thing we are planning for is my graduation!!!  My dear Mom has been busy working on the scrapbook, getting that up to speed.  And my Grandma and Grandpa bought me a graduation ring.

Large View

I didn't want anything big, so I think the size is perfect, even if the wording is hard to read; written on it is "2012 Prairie  Bible 2012" (our school name is Prairie Bible Academy).

We are also looking at diplomas, tassels, and other things for the open house, like cake and colors for decorations.  I opted for not having a ceremony - I don't really need to give a speech! :-)  Another special thing I am looking at is a new dress (worn for the first time at the open house, but then something I can wear again and again after), I am thinking 50's....

Vintage 60's Reproduction Gathered Dress, Vogue 5028

From this pattern (made by EllyenaMarie at Etsy),

Amy Butler Midwest Modern Fresh Poppies Fuchsia

probably in this fabric.

And, to answer to age old question of what I'm going to do now...

I would mainly some day like to fulfill the Biblical role of being a keeper at home!  I like some of the thoughts I got from "Raising Maidens of Virtue"; it says in 1Timothy 5:14
"I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.". 
 If that is the Scriptural norm, why aren't we focusing on training for that!?  And I do not plan to get a job just in case I don't get married - you don't see engineers going to school to also be a doctor just in case they get layed off! 
I would also love to someday soon have my own home business selling crafting items, although I do not have firmly set what I would like to do.  I am interested in sewing aprons, dish towels, pillow cases, making jewelry and cards and other things in a vintage/whimsical style.

Thank you for reading!!

Blessings, Amber


Alison said...

What a nice post! I like the dress pattern. Can't wait to see the actual dress! And I like that line, "you don't see engineers going to school to also be a doctor just in case they get laid off" - I just may use that sometime. :)

See you Tuesday!!

Ellyn said...

I think being a stay-at-home mom is one of the worthiest occupations there is. It is very, very depressing how little people understand about it though. People tend to view stay-at-home moms as lazy. Once I told a friend that that was what I wanted to be and she said, "So, you just want to find a man who will make all the money for you?" I was kind of speechless that she would think that.

Anyway, what does it matter what the world thinks as long as we know we are following God's calling, right? :)

P.S. Love the home business idea!! Reminds me of Proverbs 31 ;)

- Ellyn

Hannah said...

Wow! It sounds like you have a lot of work on your hands! lol We will be planning my and my siblings' graduation next year. We are all graduating at the same time... That will be fun! :)


Hannah said...

I have 3 siblings, Nathanael-15, Gabrielle-14, and Samuel-5 mo. We 3 older ones are all in the same grade, and will graduate next spring. :)

Rachel said...

Hi Amber!
While you couldn't find my email, I couldn't find your blog!!! I lost the link I had to it, and just now found it.
By the way, I LOVE the picture of the party decorations!!!

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