Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Busy, Blessed, Times

Another post of three subjects smooshed into one - that's what happens when you're busy!

First off, our second little vacation!  It was lots of swimming, and... lots of swimming!  There are three indoor water parks and four outdoor water parks combined into one fabulous time at Wilderness Lodge in the Wisconsin Dells!!  We have been there many a times and it always such fun!!


Next exciting thing: school started today - 12th for me and 9th for Anna!  So far it has gone really good with some interesting new subjects, and yes, we have extra time to do fun things - like blog! :)  It does not feel like I have started my very last year of school - it probably won't set in until I've really graduated... or later.  One tradition we've started is having smoothies and cinnamon rolls for breakfast - a really good way to start the year!!

One last girly tidbit: my kitten now has a leash! :)  Well you see, we were planning on keeping her as an indoor cat to keep her safe, but she is the kind of kitten that will not live happily that way, she is also the kind of kitten that would walk right up to a fox and try to make friends!  Thus the harness!  So far she will not be led, at all, so at least right now I do not have to be a crazy neighbor walking her cat down the road. :D

Amber Nicole <3


Amy said...

The water park looks like soooo much fun! I love your first day of school tradition. Maybe we could talk mom into that for next year. :-D She did say that maybe we could make ice skating our tradition. That'd be fun!
Cute harness for Docus! :-D

Jenn4him said...

Oh wow! I think my kids would love that water park, too! And Dorcas is so lovely. Those yummy rolls are a great way to start a school year. I know your mom will work hard to make it special for you.

Anonymous said...

YOU have the life of My dreams!!!

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