Friday, September 16, 2011

Girl-y Do's

Click to see larger at sight (does not endores everything else on sight).

I found this beautiful hair do on another blog, and I couldn't help but repost it!!  The first time I tried, it was ten minutes before we had to leave for church, and the second time ten minutes before school started - not the best for trying a new style!  Both times it didn't really work and I took it out, but with a little practice I am thinking it will turn out as beautifully as is shown!  And I found out I wasn't doing it exactly right, so that was a large part of the problem!

Hope everyone is keeping warm as the fall weather sets in!

Blessings, Amber Nicole


SoulsforChrist7 said...

Hi Amber,

I don't know if you will remember me. This is Lulu from Living for Jesus over at HSB. Only now I recently started a Blogger blog. I was looking through some blogs and was happily surprised to discover your blog here, as well as some other old HSBers. It seems that we all migrated over to blogger. :) I have undergone a name change with my new blog; Lulu was my pen name and now I am going by my real name which happens to be Amber. In fact I thought it was very funny to see that your middle name is actually the same as mine as well. :) Small world. Well, I am excited to have found your blog and I plan on checking back. Hopefully, you remember me so this doesn't sound really weird. :)

That hairdo is gorgeous. I tried to do it but my hair wouldn't cooperate. Sad! I hope you have good success with it though. If you master it, maybe you could give us a few tips. Have a blessed week!

Amber (formerly Lulu)

Amy said...

Hi Amber! Long time no see. :-D hehe
Did the hair style work? It looks pretty fancy! I want to try that bun that you were wearing this morning. Thanks for another fun day!

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