Saturday, August 27, 2011

Itasca Camping Trip

Ahh.. we are now home sweet home from our Itasca camping trip - but I really did enjoy our trip, I left satisfied but sad to go!  Though it sure was nice to snuggle my kitten again!!
This was Anna and my first time at Itasca, while of course Dad - the true camper of our family - had been there before and also Mom who wanted us to experience the fun of crossing the headwaters of the Mississippi on foot - thus our camping trip to Itasca!  If you can really call it camping... we stayed in a cushy cabin with all the amenities, even WiFi, but I was a good girl and didn't bring my iPod. :-)  Maybe last year's hard core camping left some people.. wanting a change. ;-)  Just kidding.  But I guess it did have it's advantages to just drive up to our site - last year was a little stressful canoeing with a big dog just ready to jump out and bring you along with!!

So this year went very smooth and relaxing - the area is lovely!  When you're driving on new roads, specially to up north, the scenery is always interesting - we saw lots of quaint, little towns, a couple Amish horse and buggies driving along the edge of the road, and Mom even spotted two horses tied out behind a regular, modern day hotel!

Our cabin - it's so big, I could live in it as a permanent home!

One of the first things we did was cross the mighty Mississippi's humble beginning.  That was a really neat experience, and amazing to think that this tiny little thing would become so huge and so far traveling!

 Elsa, our little camper dog!  It only took us five minutes out and about before we were asked what kind of dog she was - the beginning of many!  But Elsa was a very good girl and loved meeting all kinds of new puppy friends! 

Anna, also scooting across the Mississippi! :~)

I had lots of fun hiking the trails, sometimes it was just Daddy and I and that was fun daddy-daughter time!  But along with that we explored many of the historical and geographical interesting sites in the area: including Itasca's tallest White Pine (above) and used-to-be Minnesota's tallest White Pine, until it's top got broken off.

Anna next to Itasca's tallest White Pine.

And Daddy and I braved climbing to the top of....
...the old fire tower - 100 feet up in the air!

The sickening view from the top! :)

But it really wasn't that bad!  You could just feel it sway a tiny bit.

1. We also took advantage of our camping ground's horse shoe game and swimming pool!  2. Schoolcraft Island with Wild Rice growing around it!  3. The owner of this lovely car and others travel around seeing places of interest and to show off their cars!  I drool over them - I would love to have a 40's or older car! :D  4. Exploration!

Well, that was our fantastic family vacation!  But it still left me hungry for a little more... how about a water park!  We will be off on one more vacation very soon!



Amy said...

It looks like you all had a blast! That water tower sounds a bit scary -- swaying??? eek!

PlainJane said...

Great post Amber! I almost feel like I was there...oh, that's right, I was there. It was so very fun. I'm glad you had a good time.

Ellyn said...

I love your cabin - it looks so snug! might be a bit big to be snug, but still... :D

Yikes! That 'sickening view' would definitely make my stomach drop.

Anna said...

That was lots of fun!! Glad I didn't go up the fire tower ;)
The horses actually weren't even tied. There was a fence back there! Haha
Those weren't the best pics of me :p oh well :)
Can't wait for next week! :D

Natalie said...

What a beautiful area up there! The cabin looks so quaint. I'm so very glad you had an enjoyable time up there!

Jenn4him said...

I'd love to see the headwaters one day! The cabin is lovely, my kind of camping, too.

Sally said...

We climbed that old tower many years ago... well, I did. Pastor scooted up on his rear, one slow step at a time, with hyperventilating in between. He is deathly afraid of heights!
When we did the 65' tower at the fair the other day, he stayed at the bottom. :)

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