Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Make Your Books Your Own

I always love crafting, that is why I like "Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts"!  Not that I endorse the lady, but I really enjoy her book (and it's a big one!). 

 Every time I flip through I see something that catches my eye.  I've already used it for party decorations and the activity, but now I am trying something else...

stamped - edge books!

Now when someone wants to borrow one of your books - you don't have to just write your name on the inside cover, simply make it all your own with rubber stamps!   You can tell the bottom one didn't work perfect, that's suppose to be a neat, little A - oh well, that was one of the first books I did.
Also in the book they had stamped napkins - what a great way to turn plain napkins into beautiful ones!  I just wouldn't suggest wiping your mouth on the stamped part! :)

Thank you for reading!  Enjoy stamping!



Sierra said...

What a neat idea, Amber! I love the stamped napkin idea! I might use that sometime. Way cool!

Meghan said...

I love that idea!!!!!


Natalie said...

Hi Amber!

I don't endorse the lady either, but many of her company's ideas are so pretty to look at! :) I love how you personalized your books!


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