Saturday, July 9, 2011

Flowers, Fireworks, & Bears, Oh My!

First off, I was going to post about old-time school, but it is such old news now, so I will skip it.  But it was one of the best old-time school weeks of old-time school weeks!  I was a TA (teacher's assistant) for my third time, and I was able to really develop a great relationship with all the young kids!!  All of them were coming up to me with a "Miss Amber, can you help me..", and it was just a great experience - I am still dreaming about the time when I can be a teacher there!!  Mom did post some pictures.

Now, not quite so long ago we went to the flower conservatory and zoo.  It gave us some good flower pictures and to be able to see some animals that are not regulars around here!

This is The Corpse flower.  It is named so because when it opens there is a beautiful flower, but a awful smell like rotting flesh. :P  It would have been nice to see what it looked like when opened, but not to smell it!

Also, I hope everyone's 4th was wonderful!  We had a great time at our Grandparent's for dinner, but our poor little cousin was sick, and so we couldn't play with him. :(  Instead we got extra four wheeling time!  Then after that we went to watch fireworks.  We usually watch them in town, but then it takes oh so long to get out!  So we tried a different spot that worked out really good!  The fireworks were a little more distant, and the place wasn't sprayed for mosquitoes, but it only took us ten minutes to get home!!!  A big bonus!

Well, thank you for reading!  I pray you all are having a really blessed summer!  ~Amber

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Ellyn said...

We went into the Lowe's parking lot to watch fireworks :D

Sounds like you had a great 4th. And I'd love more details about old-time school, if you ever feel the urge to post on it! :)

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