Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Make Hay While The Sun Shines

A bit ago, Anna and got a whole new farm girl experience...  Every time before, Anna and I had to do no work for our horse's hay - Grandpa delivered it and Daddy stacked it, but this year Anna and I had a hand in it too, and I learned how much work Daddy does for these horses he doesn't even really like!

While Grandpa worked the baler and Daddy threw the bales up onto the trailer, Anna and I took turns putting along on the clutch tractor and stacking the hay on the trailer.  Those couple of days were actually very fun - how sweet to lay high up on the hay stack under a bright blue sky, breathing in deeply the wonderful smell of fresh cut hay!  But not to say the sight of my Grandma's house and the thought of hot pizza was not welcome at 8:30pm when we finally came in from the fields!  We got very hot, dirty, and tired! :)  The horses better appreciate they're barn full of food!

Now I know more of what goes on when I look at the picture of my great-Grandpa haying - but he also had the trouble to work with horses and not so fine machinery!

Well, that was a really neat experience, and I'll do it again... next year.

Blessings, Amber

1 comment:

Amy said...

You need to start growing hay so we can come help you with it! :-D Looks like you had fun!

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