Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Meeting Face to Face

Today we met someone face to face after being blogging friends for a while (this is our second time meeting a blogging friend)!  My Mom's friend - sixfolks - were here in Minnesota with her family and we got to spend the day with them!!

First off we enjoyed talking over lunch - it's always nice to be with other like minded families!  Then we went  to the Mill City Museum (it's a museum in a old flour mill - if you couldn't guess that).  It was a very enjoyable time!

Here we are looking down from the tower over...

Thank you for spending time with us!  It was great to meet you and your family!

Amber Nicole


Alison said...

Looks like you had a nice time! Well, you're ahead of us in meeting blogging friends. :) We've only met you guys (but twice, that ought to count for something! *grin*). We almost got to meet some other friends too, but then it didn't work out at the last minute. I told you about that, right? Maybe we can still meet them sometime.

Have a nice evening! I think I'm going to bed soon.


PlainJane said...

Well said! What a sweet family. It was a joy to meet and get to know Corey and her crew. Such a fun day...I sure hope they don't freeze while they are up here.

Amy said...

It looks like you had quite a bit of fun! Hopefully we'll get to meet some more blogging friends soon!

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