Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Sis Turned 14!

Well, to save me some time in trying to decide what to post about I moved some of my old posts over, but I guess I should really post something new now!!  But the last time I posted was in September, I hope I'm not to rusty. :-o

I'm afraid I don't have to much interesting to speak of, but we did celebrate my sisters 14th birthday last Monday...

We sisters have lately made the tradition to do fun, silly things to each other on the morning of our birthdays.  So I woke up bright and early and drew all over our bathroom mirror using special markers.

And then we didn't wait to open gifts, below is the bracelet I made her with shrink art jewelry.

Now we TRY (be we don't hold to it very well) to have a birthday party every other year and then do something fun on the other years.  As this was a "no birthday party year" for Anna we went to an amusement park with a couple of friends.  I, loving all scary rides, enjoyed it as much as the birthday girl!  I'm afraid we don't have many pictures of us on the rides, but we do have some of us doing some rope climbing.

This picture shows the height a little better...

It was about four stories tall, and was a little scary to walk a thin rope that high up!

Then after a long day of screaming and laughing we went home for ice cream cake....

....and some Wii games.

Thank you for reading!!!

Blessings, Amber


Hannah Rebekah said...

Hey Amber,
How long have been on homeschool blogger?

~Hannah Rebekah

Ellyn said...

That looks like a great day, and I love that bracelet you made her.

Amber said...

Hi Hannah if you're reading this. I couldn't comment on any of your posts.

I think I was on homeschool blogger maybe 4 years, I don't really know. And then I just got this blog on Friday.

And I wanted to say on your post about the Valentine: I think it is very cute. Mom has started to collect a few Valentines.


Amy said...

Nice bracelet! Looks like a great day! I'll have to look for those fries at walmart. :-D

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