Friday, March 28, 2014

March 22 - In Which I Turn 20

Yes, it's hard to believe, but I have exited the teen years and now start with a 2 to write my age.  The celebrating was full and joyful, and actually spanned over three days!

Day one: which was the day before my birthday, we visited Avalon Tea Room which was such a treat!  This was our first time visiting this particular tea room, and although some meal options weren't as fancy - sandwich with chips and pickle - over all it was a lovely experience!  Their scones were some of the best we had tasted - so light, and such a wide selection of teas!

Anna and I at the tea room
I think tea rooms have such a nice atmosphere, and we noticed that this one was even hiring - wouldn't that be a lovely place to work!?  But I will not be swooping up the job, an hour drive would never do!

Anyways, after our lunch Daddy took us ice skating in town.  It is so nice to glide across the ice so quickly and smoothly.  We had a good time together there too!
(Sadly there is an absence of pictures for the other two days.)
Day Two: On my actual birthday, was a little more of a quiet one.  My Grandparents came to take Anna and I, along with our eight year old cousin, who is a continual source of entertainment, for Chinese.  I always appreciate time that can be spent with them!
Then that evening I gathered three of my dearest friends (not including, but she was also there, my dearest friend of a sister) at our house, starting with multiple games of Dutch Blitz.  This is one of my favorite games, which becomes even more fun the bigger the group, and it was fun to have a group of friends to play with me instead of continually asking my sister to play it with me! :)  We also enjoyed dinner and my birthday cake together, which was actually Oreo Cheesecake Bites - yummy!  And then watched Amazing Grace (the movie), which is my top favorite movie at the moment and suggested for everybody to see!
Day Three: A couple days later our Grandma picked us up and took us out for a girls afternoon.  We visited a sweet, little café with absolutely lovely desserts to look at through the glass, we shopped, and visited an old-fashioned bakery.
So I realize with coming to 20 comes greater accountability.  I was responsible for what I did at 19, but Biblically 20 is counted as an adult - "20 years old and upward".  
It's amazing and honoring to see how the Lord has worked and led so far, and I look forward to the continuing wonder of see God's plans unfold!
Thank you for your visit!
Amber Nicole 


Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Amber,

So glad to hear your 20th birthday was a special one!

Praying that this next year is a wonderful and blessed one for you!

Thank you for being such an inspiration through your lovely blog:-)


Braelyn said...

Sounds like your birthday was a lot of fun.:)

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