Monday, October 14, 2013

Bright Lights Conferences

Sarah Mally and I
What a blessing this past week has been!  Just one year ago I had no intentions of becoming a part of the Bright Lights girls ministry, then earlier this year I took over a group for a friend who was getting married, and now this past week I had the pleasure of helping out at the MN Bright Lights conferences!
 The Bontrager girls did some special music.  You know the Bontragers from 19 Kids & Counting episode "Duggars Do Dinner"?  Same family, and I do wish I had more of a chance to talk with these girls!
During the Strong In The Lord conference I was an assitant leader for a small group.  The days would be scheduled with all attendees (about 400 in number) switching from large group session in which Sarah and Grace Mally talked, and meeting in small discussion groups.  The whole conference went smoothly with many girls, and even a mother, responding to the Gospel message!
With two days spent at the church (sleeping over night there gave me opportunity for a late night discussion about books with two other sweet leaders) I went back home for a day of rest there, and then went back with friends to attend the Radiant Purity Conference, as I had never attended one before.
What a blessing that conference was also!!  The sessions were encouraging and challenging.  In the small group the discussions were great, which not all that long ago would have just seemed uncomfortably scary.  And making more lasting friendships was excellent!
And making so many amazing new friends was another big highlight of the week!  Fellowship can be so sweet with so many like-minded girls!  I collected as many email address and added as many Facebook friends as I could, but it would have been nice to get even more!

I and the small group leader I assisted signing books, there was a space in the back of the conference journals to collect signatures from people we met. 
I praise the Lord for the oppurtunity I had to do this!!  It will be a fond memory for years to come, and hopefully I can make more by doing it again another year!
Thank you for visiting!
Amber Nicole


Amy Johnson said...

It sounds like you had a great time Amber! I keep reading people's blogs who went to the conference, and think "oh, I wonder if Amber met them!" :) Sounds like a blessed time!

PlainJane said...

God is Good!!! I'm so excited to see how God is working in and through you in this ministry and look forward to hearing more great things with you leading in Bright Lights in the future. I love the Mallys and seeing a lot of iron sharpening iron here. (Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend. Prov. 27:17) So proud of you Dear! ♥ ((hugs))

Kelly-Anne said...

Dear Amber,

You've been awarded at my blog:-) You can see my post here:

Much love,

Elizabeth. said...

Oh, I'm so glad you were blessed by the conferences - I am absolutely so grateful for the Bright Lights ministry and the conferences I have been able to attend and help with over the years. To simply to be in a place with so many young ladies desiring to honor the Lord with their lives is so inspiring! Blessings!

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