Sunday, September 8, 2013

Passing Summer Breezes

I wanted to share just a few experiences from this past summer as I look back..

We got to go berry picking and pick a parcel of fresh blueberries - always delicious!

Dad and I went camping in the Boundary Waters.  The scenery was lovely and I enjoyed stepping out of the country and into Canada for the first time!

 After getting back from our camping trip I had to set my mind to preparing for our Bright Lights Bible study retreat.  Ten of us girls enjoyed a full day set aside for seeking the Lord, studying His word, and prayer.  We were also blessed to be allowed to use a beautiful cabin on the lake!  We might just make this a yearly tradition!
Then a couple days later we got to again go to our favorite water park in Wisconsin.  It was a really fun and relaxing time!

Yesterday I had the great privilege of playing for a dear friend's wedding (I'm on the far left)!  I am so excited for my friend, but it's hard to believe how the time flies! 

As I am working towards opening my very own shop on very shortly, this past week I ordered my business cards!  This was our first time using, and we would for sure consider using them again!  I've always like the double sided kind of business cards with all the information on the back, but never suspected I would be able have it for my own cards!  The front side I drew myself (and that's as far as my artistic abilities go...;-)

 So keep an eye out for the grand opening announcement that my little shop has (finally) opened... scary! :-o  But I guess I can't sell anything with a closed shop, now can I!?  I'm also looking forward to it!

Thank you for visiting dear readers!  I hope everyone's fall season has gotten off to a good start!
Amber Nicole


PlainJane said...

Great little post! Maybe you're Etsy shop will open this week!? Wouldn't that be Grand! Love you dear! ♥

Rachel said...

Downy and Floral...I love that! Can't wait for your Grand Opening!!!

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