Friday, January 18, 2013

There's An Etsy Post For That

I knew that Etsy has AMAZING things for sale, easy opputunities to sell your own items, and great help on how to do that.  But with the blog being such a vital way to share about yourself and steer people towards your crafting business, they also have some great suggetions on how to keep posts flowing to your blog (even if you don't have your own handmade business) via Etsy's very own blog, Storque.  I may not be very good at taking an every day week and turning it into a post, so I found this post helpful and fun.
And I thought I would try it out..
1. Three Things You See Or Hear Right Now I see my sister reading, I hear the clock ticking (it's evening at our house and in the evening it is very quiet), I see the book "How To Make Money Using Etsy" by Timothy Adam. 
2. Three Things You Did Last Week I made bran muffins (I think my next project will be poppyseed muffins), I babysat two of the cutest kids from our church, read lots of the "Adventures in The Northwoods" series (those books never get old however many times you read them).

3. Three Exchanges You Had With Someone Else I laughed over a Lazarus Bible story felt figure with a friend, talked to a man on the phone who was trying to get me to compare auto insurances, until he found out I was not the lady of the house, and heard one of our Awana Cubbies sing her clean up song: "clean up clean up, everybody scare yourself".

And I think I shall add my own section..
4. Three Things You are Thankful For  Pink cardigans and matching hair ribbons, the nice weather before the deep freeze, and family outings.

Well, I don't know if I could make a complete post from one of those items, but even listing it like that makes it fun.  And hopefully this will help and encourage me to keep posting regularly.
Many blessings,
Amber Nicole


Anna Faith said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! Yes, I went to a indoor/outdoor water park last year in TN. It was awesome! Both of my Grandmas took me and my 7 siblings. I just got back from a 7 day trip to TN again but we went to a different place because they weren't running the same deal as the year before. We had an awesome time still. Did you stay with WYNDHAM resort?

Brittney Ann said...

hey there! I was wondering if I could make a header for your blog? If u say no that is fine, i just love making them and thought that I would ask=) if u would like to check out some other headers I have made check out my blog: and go to the designing page!

PlainJane said...

Very nice post Dear! Not sure what happened with the photos there. Love You Muchly!

Aidyl Ewoh said...

Cool name for your blog. I like it. ~Aidyl

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