Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cozied Up with Fabric

For sometime now it has been a great interest of mine to be selling my own crafts (specially at Etsy.com and craft fairs).  At first I was rather hesitant and slow to begin the actual process, feeling rather unqualified to make sewing in to a business, but now it has been such fun to spend a good part of the day sewing!  Also, if anyone has any suggestions on where to find good crochet yarn and vintage/vintage style fabric, please share! 

My first completed project are these cotton fabric napkins in an adorable owl pattern - to fun!

Now that fall is here I have also enjoyed doing some of the fall-type things: romps in the leaves, apple cider, buttoning up the garden, and a party in a friend's barn loft!  I also learned that when you're pulling out the sweaters for yourself, you can't forget you're mug...
Cozy Mug Sweater, Choose your color
Isn't this to sweet!?  Coffee needs a hug sometimes too!  You can buy these dear little things at Mug Sweater Shop.

Have a blessed Autum!

~Amber Nicole~


PlainJane said...

Very Cute! I'm glad you have made friends with the sewing machine and are making such lovely things. Love You Dear. ♥

Tangerine-Tane said...

Adorable! I loved this post. : ) Even though it's hot here in Africa, it's still nice to think about warm, cozy things.
-Tane ♥

Braelyn said...

Check out my new blog at:

Brittney Ann said...

you have a cool blog:) please check out mine sometime!

Grace said...

Those napkins are just darling! Owls are most definitely a favorite of mine. ;)

Thank you so much for the sweet note you left in my garden walk! It was very encouraging to hear you found my little garden nook through my article in the Girlhood Companion, and hope to see for tea more often. *wink* To answer your question, yes I do live near Disneyland {if you call a 6 hr. drive to Orange County "near"}. *smile*

Hope you have a blessed day, dear!
xoxo | grace

Ana R.W. said...

Ohh... those little mug sweaters are adorable!! :D

I'm glad you're enjoying sewing and making things to sell on Etsy! Etsy is a fun place to browse!


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