Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Am Graduated!!

I am graduated!  Which is news that is a week old now.. I graduated on May 11th and that evening we had our own little ceremony with presenting of my diploma and wonderful note from my Mom.

My tassel (I have no idea what side it is suppose to hang from ;).  We didn't think there was a real need to get a cap and gown, but that it would be fun to have a tassel for a fun memento.

And after our home ceremony we went to celebrate at Leann Chin's and Cold Stone Creamery - yum!


I had a wonderful homeschool education and really enjoyed it, but now I am excited about focusing on my true interest!  I dream about starting my own shop on Etsy.com and although it hasn't happened yet it will be a huge dream come true soon!  I enjoy sewing (aprons, pillow cases, dish towels), card making, and I am also thinking about making up party favor boxes.  I had bought some berry boxes for my birthday party, but of course, they only came large quantities, so now I need to find a use for the rest of them!  At the beginning of this shop starting up it will take some experimenting of what will sell for me.

But in the mean time, I have found out that Etsy can be a great place for learning too!  The Online Labs have all kinds of videos done by the experts to help figure out how to do these sometimes foriegn things.  There is also teams & forums to find people with like-minded interests and learn or share with them!  This is what has been getting me excited lately! <3

Other things going on:

For Mother's Day Anna and I hosted our 3rd annual Mother's Day tea.  This year our Grandma was also able to join us and the weather turned out perfect for an outdoor tea complete with chandelier hanging above.

Back on the graduation theme: our main focus is on preparing for my open house - only twelve days away!  Yesterday we ordered my cakes, Mom has been very busy with my school scrapbook and I have been working on decorations and other little things.  Some great friends and family have also been baking cookies to supplement the cake - there could be 400+ people here, although we are expecting a lot less.

It has been a very busy but exciting time for me!


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PlainJane said...

I'm so proud of you! Love you Sweetie!

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