Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Graduation Photos

Lately we have been busy planning for the brand new adventure of graduating, and just a couple of weeks ago we took my graduations photos.  Yes, in just two more days I will be a homeschool graduate!!  And in the beginning of June I will be having a open house, and that called for invites.  Thankfully my sister was willing to be my photographer and she did it beautifully!

So, we finally found a day that it wasn't raining (to much) and we headed out to the pasture to try and catch some good shots of Annie and I.
Now, first I will say what didn't really work out; this was one of our inspirations...

For Amber....Graduation Picture???

and this was how it came out....

I know it would need some photoshopping even if it did work out, but it wasn't really, so we moved on to other ideas...  But, if you're going to take your graduation photos with your horse, I would not suggest doing it on the first ride of the season (which is what we did!).  So there was a little bit of hippity hopping around by Annie (which was scarier for Mom than in was for me) but over all it went really well!  We also tried to get pictures of Annie and I giving each other kisses, but those things just can't be timed, thus those didn't turn out either.

So it takes quite a few shots to get a couple of good photos, but it actually came down to a hard choice for the top three that go on the invite.  Here are a few of the "honorable mentions":


      Clambering up to get into the tree for some photos :)

To bad the lighting in the barn is so strange.

Here is a bike one for my Daddy, it almost made in on the invite (not really). :-)

After looking through a hundred photos or two we needed to put our top picks into the invite template, which Amy was so gracious to do!  It wouldn't have turned out without Amy and Anna's help!  We bought the template off of ChicDigitalDesign  I liked that it was so different than many of the other graduation invites and there wouldn't be many others like it being sent around.  And here is the finale result....

I am excited to become a graduate, but it will also be sad to be finished with my formal schooling which I have known for 13+ years!  To celebrate on Friday we plan to go out for dinner; maybe to Leann Chin's and Cold Stone Creamery?

Thank you for stopping by!

~Amber Nicole~


PlainJane said...

Those are beautiful pictures Amber...well, except for the one of you climbing the tree, but maybe if we had a 13-photo card, that could have made the cut. lol You are a beautiful lady inside and out. I'm so proud of you and will forever thank the LORD for the years we have done school together -- such good memories. I'm glad you and Anna aren't twins else I'd be totally out of a job and falling apart more than I am now. I love you Sweetie!

Sierra said...

Your pictures are cute! And I just love the invite you chose -- it matches the "personality" of the pictures and of you! :) Very excited for you as you enter this next stage in life!


Brittney Ann said...

Those are so beautiful! I love the invite. It looks so cool!

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