Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinterest - Addicting!

Pinterest Logo

Yes, I have joined the wonderful place called Pinterest!  For those who do not know what that is: it is for posting and sharing pictures of what you love!  Instead of cutting pictures from magazines, you can have it all organized at one place online! 
When I was first considering getting a Pinterest I was unsure: it sounded like a good way to become envious of all the beautiful things that I didn't have!!  But actually, I haven't really run into that.  The wonderful part is to find loads of great crafting, sewing, kitchen help, party planning ideas (which I am into right now), and so much more!  Here are just a few of the things I have found:

Pretty in pink!

fun party decorations





Organizing craft room.

recipe for button bikkies

hot chocolate on a stick

Find me if you have a Pinterest, or get yourself one! ;-)

Blessings, Amber


Alison said...

Pinterest does look like fun! But you didn't leave your link! I had to go looking for you (and yes, I did fine you). I like your boards. Such pretty stuff. I think I'd like to get into it, but I'm not sure I need another thing like that to take up my time. :) Maybe sometime.

So how does it work? Can you take pictures from anywhere on the internet without worrying about copyright?

And yes, I'm feeling fairly alert - you're not? Tired? Thanks for the e-mail! It was such fun to read.

Oh, and you heard the chocolate party got cancelled, right? Cassandra was in the hospital this morning getting her appendix taken out!


Amy said...

I'm trying to get an invite --- it looks like so much fun! :-D

You've found some goregous stuff on there! Can I have your link?

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