Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bagging for History

This past summer our poor, dear little historical society was burned to the ground.  So Anna and I were asked to join other West Riverside Museum School kids to pack groceries to earn money for a new building.  We took up the offer and had lots of fun, although, it is rather nerve racking to pack groceries for other people and wonder if you're doing it to their approval.  But I think we got pretty speedy at packing and it went smoothly.

Of course there was lots of giant turkeys and stuffing being sold and we usually put the turkeys in a plastic bag.  But one little oops that happened was I put the turkey in the bag, and as I was lifting it into the cart it fell right through to the floor... *sigh*  Oh well, I'm going to blame it on the week bag! ;-)

One person asked if we were part of a religious group: like Amish, that's twice now that I've been asked if I'm Amish!  It's sad when people see long skirts and our hair in braids or such and right away think Amish instead of my own desire to be modest and feminine!

Thank you for reading, have a blessed Thanksgiving!


P.S.  A couple parting shots from our first real snow of the season....

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Hannah said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog! =D I read a little of yours, and I am definitely going to follow you!

<3 Hannah

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