Thursday, May 12, 2011

Latest Happenings

Shalom Everyone!!

I don't like it when I wait to long to post again, and then have more than one subject to talk about.  But that is what has happened, and I will combine it anyways.

April 26th - chick day

We got five Bard Rock chicks.  This is a recent picture of their first outing - they weren't so sure about the grass tickling them! :)

April 29th - The Johnsons move in

It has been SO nice to be able to see them more often.  This is some of us playing tennis across the street (I am behind the camera and Emily was inside with a cold).  Their house is the farthest one to the right.

May 8th - Mother's Day

We don't do much for the day, but we have started a tradition of having a tea party.  So Anna and I hosted the 2nd annual Mother's Day Tea.  The menu this year:

Chicken Salad Sandwitches

Raspberry Scones

Pasta Salad


and Rice Krispie Bars

May 11th - the big gardening day

Every year we plant a pretty good sized garden, and yesterday was the day to start that again.  It was so wonderful to have the weather in the beautiful 70's or even getting to 80, and the work went right quickly.  Any chore outside is so much more pleasant than the inside ones! 

Every day occurance:

Elsa does not relize how big she is and that most dogs her size are not lap dogs!! :)

Thank you for reading!  Hope you're seeing all the Lord's blessings on your spring!



Anna said...

Interesting post =)

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! You're chicks are very cute! You have five? We just got fourteen more (Today, Friday the 13th) so now we have 22 =) I assume you live some-what out in the country? It was very funny when our other chicks first went outside, they weren't so sure about the grass, but the quickly warmed up to it! Are you chickens pets, laying or meat? Did you name your chickens?

(Sorry for all the chicken questions!)


Ellyn said...

I love your background, Amber, so spring-y!
MMMMM, those Mother's Day goodies look good...

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