Friday, April 8, 2011


I thought I would post a few pictures of the crafts I have been busy with lately.
First off, cards.  When Alison gave us a whole slew of stamps, I was very excited to see the cute little Hunca Munca and "The End" stamp!  So I had to make stationary too!

I have also been playing with Shrink Art Jewlery.  The necklace on the right is the Hebrew letter Shin, the first letter in the word Shalom (hello or peace).

And, after thinking about it for years, finally learning to pearl, and two rip outs...
my knitted bag!  It is felted (making the yarn shrink by putting it in the washer and dryer).  And then the yarn is so tight that I could just cut out the handle without it unraveling!  And I like it very much, I just don't put anything to heavy in it.

Thank you for reading!!  Keep crafting!!

~Amber Nicole~


Amy said...

I love those silhouette cards! I hope you don't mind if I copy you sometime. What a great idea!

I wonder if I could felt a bag that was crocheted... My great aunt does tons of felting. She's made some pretty neat things!

Alison said...

Very nice cards! I'm glad those stamps are going to good use. Oh, and I just got your card in the mail a few minutes ago. Thank you for the thank you! :)

So, now that you finished your bag, do you have another knitted project in mind?

PlainJane said...

You do such lovely work with all your cards. And I'm glad too that the purse handles turned out -- I was worried it would all unravel. You are quite the talented young lady. Wish it would rub off on me. :)

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