Saturday, July 13, 2013

Busy Busy!

Summer 2013 has been a busy, exciting, and totally new summer for me thus far!
In the beginning of June our Bright Lights Bible study group had a tea party, hosted at our house.  As you may very well know, I love tea parties, so it was very fun to plan and be able to spend extra time with Abby, our Bright Lights leader.  Even when it took all day for me bake the cookies, that was enjoyable too!

I re-did some cookies I had done for another tea party a couple years back. 
And the actually tea party turned out to be SO blessed too!  We were expecting about 15-20 girls, we had set the two tables, making our house look like a lovely tea room, for 18.  But the Lord blessed beyond our expectations, I started counting at 19 girls, and there was more on the way!  We ended with 24 girls in our house!!  What a wonderful time with a house bursting with joyful, beautiful girls!

Then a few weeks ago Abby emailed me, saying that she would like to have a Bright Lights retreat and she would like me to plan most of it, and this was emailed to me just a day before she left for a month in which contact would be more difficult!  :-o  But contact has ended up to be no problem, planning fun, and everything coming together smoothly so far!  I look forward to a whole day set aside to seek the Lord in late August!

Then just this past Wednesday was a super exciting day for me - I passed my driver's test to get my license!! 

The beginning of my test.
The part I was most nervous about was the parallel parking.  I had practiced a good amount before hand, but was still a little inconsistent in how close I got to the curb.  But that actually went smoothly while during the 90' back up I got a little close the cone (but thankfully no hitting!).  Over all the test was easier and faster than expected and it's such a relief to be done!  We had planned to go to Caribou afterwards, and I am happy that we went there to celebrate instead of drown my sorrows in coffee! :D
Now we have a busy week coming up with Anna and I helping out with VBS at our church.  Each year I enjoy this time with the kids, catching up with the other teens who come to help, and just that totally different week from any other week in the summer!
Well, it has felt good to be back to blog-y land!  Thank you for letting me ramble about some of the top things I have been busy with!

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